Sheet metal stamping and welding.

Industriverken are a reliable and customer oriented manufacturer of sheet metal parts in the energy, automotive and industrial customer areas. Our customers are mainly in Sweden and Europe, 35% of sales are exports.

The way we work with process management we are offering from the development of manufacturing methods for the manufacture and to delivery of products with total quality.


Industriverken offers the design and construction of tools, the production of sheet metal parts and various types of logistics solutions.


Industriverken supplies sheet metal components and parts manufactured by stamping, welding, assembly and enamelling.

Invests in new automatic press line

Industriverken have just installed a new automatic press line. Increased interest from our existing customers as well as inquiries from potential new customers means that we have invested in more capacity and a more productive press line.

Supplier of the Year award by Alfa Laval

During the year, Industriverken has received the award as "Supplier of the Year 2015" from Alfa Laval, which is our largest customer. We deliver to their operations in Ronneby, Sweden, Italy and China.